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Default Re: Movies With Great Stories

Sins Of The Flesh (1997)

Country: USA
Categories: Feature
Director: Jim Powers

Actresses: Alyssa Ray, Dakota [Facial], Heidi Dalton [Anal Facial DP], Kari Cassidy, Katie Gold [Facial], Leah Stevenson (as Lea Stevenson) [Anal Bald], Leanna Heart [Facial], Marilyn Star, Maya Souls, Monti, Nancy Vee [Facial], Nikki Neals [Facial], Shelbee Myne

Actors: Brandon Iron, Dave Hardman, Hershel Savage, Mark Davis

Story: Adolfo is a brilliant- talented artist. He wants nothing more than to enter the sacred brotherhood of the Church- and to devote his life to his church- and striving to be a man of God and Virtue. He fights every day not to be led astray by the temptations of the flesh. One day- while out in the countryside sketching with his friend Fernando- Adolfo meets and becomes enraptured with the beauty of a country girl called Michaela. He struggles with mounting indecent thoughts- uncontrollable desires of the flesh- wild erotic fantasies- and scorn for those who drink from the forbidden chalice of lust. Though he admonishes himself constantly for allowing his mind to stray from the Path and it's purity- he cannot stop fantasizing about carnal bliss with the beautiful Michaela.Confused by his virginal naivete- he mistakes lust for love ... and falls deep into the pit of sin and damnation

Format: avi
Audio: AAC/128 kbps
File Size: 1.19 GB
Duration: 01:19:43
Resolution: 576x432

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